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Apiaries and Beefarms

Medoved Trade House incorporates private apiaries from all over Russia and own beefarms to produce the best honey. Traditional way of beekeeping along with modern European equipment and high skills of our workers guarantee you benefit natural honey at its finest.

The quality of honey is vulnerable to many factors but mostly it is influenced by environmental conditions. We place our apiaries in extremely isolated locations like national preserves  where unique diversity of wild flower and full absence of industrial pollution result in pure outstanding natural product. Our staff permanently check farming areas to be sure there are no harm factors within a bee’s flying range.

We care for every hive but minimally interfere with it to let the nature work its way.  Honey is extracted only a full  week after bees seal off  the combs. That’s why Medoved honeys are rich in taste and aroma, fulfilled with the healing power of nature. We especially care to source our honeys from beefarms, which have high standards and strict control of their hives where each variety and batch can be traced back to a unique floral source and region.

Devotion, expert knowledge of beekeeping and concentration on quality – these are the core elements of our work. We are committed to the supply of a world-class product.

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