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Medoved offers 3 ranges of honey, each originating from a different floral source.

Faraway country is a monofloral honey. In addition to the flavor of the honey, it will express secondary flavor characteristics of the relict plants from the very remote parts of Russia, where nature is still intact.

Russian honeycraft – traditional Russian blended honey from the heartland of the country.

Nature's dominion – unique varietals  of honey. They  come from national preserves and other protected places which are samples of the world's natural diversity, often the last bastion of the earth's wild wealth. We believe this represents the most natural and pure environment to nurture and harvest this valuable healing product.

The quality of organic honey is valued by its  diastase number. Diastase is an enzyme catalysing the breakdown of starch that occurs in human and animal saliva. It is added to the honey by the bees.  Diastase is broken down when honey is heated and is therefore a criterion for the manner in which honey is treated. 

There is a legal minimum value of 8 Schade units. The diastase number indicates how many grams of starch can be hydrolysed in 1 hour by the enzyme present in 1 gram of honey. Composition of Russian honeys allow diastase value to be up to 40 units, thanks to relic Russian bee species.

All Medoved honeys are vacuum packed. Yes, we heat the honey to make it easier to strain, but never pasteurizeit.  This does nothing to alter the liquid’s natural composition. It only makes the bottling process easier and more effective. Each honey is a taste sensation and a natural defense against bacteria. It also helps protect against vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies. Only the best product from all over Russia and nearby regions is represented at Medoved.

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